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 Application Template

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PostSubject: Application Template   Fri Mar 13, 2009 7:17 am

1. General Information

- Your character name
- Your class
- Your gear and talent build (the Blizzard Armory)
- List your titles you think are relevant to us.
- What do you think needs most improvement on your character.

2. Playing times & Raiding times

- Describe what you do in an average online week.
- When are you online and what days are absolutely not possible?
- What are your ideal raiding times?
-- Monday:
-- Tuesday:
-- Wednesday:
-- Thursday:
-- Friday:
-- Saturday:
-- Sunday:

3. Former guilds, experiences & your motivations to join

- What were your previous guilds, and why did you leave them?
- What are your overall raiding experiences so far?
- What are your ambitions and motivations to join, and why not any other guild?

4. Personal information

- Your first name
- Your age
- Your country
- More information about yourself (optional)
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Application Template
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